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Benefits of physical activity on cognition

Physical activity has benefits for cognitive skills such as observation, verbal and mathematical skills, IQ and memory.

Some findings about the link between exercise and school results:

  • Physical condition is linked to success at school. (Welk et al. 2010)
  • Active children have lower stress levels during the school day. (Lambiase et al. 2010)
  • Physically active pupils are more successful at school, get along well with others and have a better awareness of their own health. Active pupils also plan to continue their studies in high school and university more often than their passive peers. (Kantomaa 2010)
  • Physical activity effects memory, concentration and energy levels. (Hillman et al. 2008 and Coe et al. 2006)
  • Physical activity before school lifts the energy level to better receive learning (Hulley et al. 2008)
  • Physical activity and cognitive functions a have significant positive relationship (Sibley & Etnier, meta analysis 2003)
  • Physical activity has a positive influence on self-esteem (Tremblay et al. 2000)

Read also the recommendation „Physical Activity and Young People“ by the WHO (.pdf)



Playing, interactivity and the learning process

Playful and interactive elements have many functions in the learning process. They can support intelligence, the ability to concentrate, creativity, motivation, lingual development and motor coordination.

Playing and interactivity can help pupils to stay focused and increase willingness to expend effort, especially in phases where ability to concentrate is down.



Learning and moving in the spirit of Muuvit!

Muuvit Adventure is a fun and easy-to-use learning platform that teachers can use to support a healthy lifestyle among their pupils, while enriching their work as educators. The online learning environment consists of information about travel destinations, quizzes, small lists of vocabulary, educational games and easy exercise tips.

Did you know

Video games are often strongly criticized as making children passive. But according to a listing by CNBC, six movement-based games, like Wii Fit and Guitar Hero, are currently among this generation’s top ten favourites. There is even a national programme called Health Games Research with headquarters at the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Childhood obesity is a serious health challenge

According to the WHO, childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. Overweight children are also likely to become overweight adults. Diabetes, high risk of cardiovascular illnesses and low self-esteem are just a few examples of problems that flow on from obesity.

Muuvit was developed to fight against increasing obesity in children. A study carried out in Finland pointed out that children continued to be more active even three months after taking part in the Muuvit Adventure.

Read more on the Childhood Obesity page of the World Health Organization WHO.

Small steps for a big adventure

health promotion and communication in the school setting

For over twelve years, Muuvit Adventure has been encouraging Finnish school children to be more physically active. Given the positive results of the Adventure in Finland, and keeping in mind the concern everywhere about increasing childhood obesity, we have developed an international version of the Muuvit Adventure. The new Muuvit is a platform that combines health with learning.

Muuvit is a:

  • Tool for teachers
  • Promoter of healthy lifestyles and the joy of learning
  • Platform which can be easily localized and tailored according to our partners’ needs
Muuvit Adventurers in Brome Elementary School, Germany