Data privacy policy

June 2018


We have updated our privacy policy to comply with the new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Based on this policy, we would like to inform you how we will protect your personal data.


Which personal data do we collect and how do we use it?

When you register an account on our site, we ask you to provide certain personally-identifiable information that can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information includes your first name, last name and email address. If you register a class under your user account, we receive the address of your school or the delivery address that you have provided us.


When you open a user account, you agree to our Terms of Use and consent to our using your personal data to contact you for managing customer service.


If you agree, we will send you newsletters or emails to inform you of updates, events, new developments or competitions.


When visiting our webpage, we will automatically receive the IP address of your computer or other device. This information is only used for statistical analysis of the webpage.


To enable your use of a fully digital service, the activity data of the users of iOS and Android applications and digital activity cards will be saved in our system.  Please note:  we do not collect any personally-identifiable information of this activity data.

If you provide the service with another person’s name, you must have their consent to do so.


A child or a class can send digital postcards from the Service. The postcards must first be approved by the account owner. The content of the card is the responsibility of the account owner. We do not collect any personal data from the postcards.


In addition, it is possible to upload pictures or documents into the Service. The account owner must have the rights to publish the document or the picture.


Who can your personal data be transferred to?

- Personal data is processed only by the Muuvit team and, if necessary, by the technical developer of the Service.

- Personal data (name, address and email address) may be transferred to our partners if you have given us the permission to do so.


Storage period, corrections and deleting personal data

Personal data will be stored as long as you have an account in our Service. We will delete your account on request. All requests for deleting accounts or correcting your personal data must follow in written form by email at


Principles of the Protection of the Data

Data contained in the Service is protected by technical means.

Access to the data requires identification and access rights. Only Muuvit employees and the technical developer of the Service have the right to access. Both are bound by professional secrecy. There is a privacy data protection agreement between the technical developer and Muuvit.  The servers we use are highly protected. Data protection is regularly validated externally or internally.



This privacy policy does not apply to third-party websites, applications or services that may be available through the Muuvit service or website. By opening another website, the customer exits the Muuvit service.


Changes in the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to update or change our Privacy Policy at any time, and you should check this Privacy Policy periodically. Changes will take effect immediately after being posted on this page. Your continued use of the service will be bound by the modified privacy policy.


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