An active week in Doha - Nearly 3hrs of activity per pupil per day!

Ville Vesala, teacher and Coordinator of Muuvit at Qatar Finland International school is excited at the pace at which pupils have taken up ‘moving more with Muuvit!’.

Ville added “Muuvit was rolled out in our school last week with lots of excited children and teachers! The first 5 days of Muuvit has installed an inspirational mood at the school, it has been filled with hustle and movement. From my own perspective, I can see that my class have been collecting activity points enthusiastically. In fact, I have noticed the buzz of excitement and activity point collection from the other 2nd graders too.”

“Pupils are motivated, teachers are motivated, and it seems they have also inspired their family members to ‘Muuvit’ as well”.

Video from the school Muuvit kick-off at  Qatar Finland International school

Weekly stats and the Muuvit principle

  • 321 participating pupils
  • 19 classes (grades 1.-6.)
  • Total of 393 580 minutes of physical activity in 7 days
  • Average of 175 min activity / pupil / day
  • School total of 39 358 Muuvit miles in a week

For every 10 minutes of physical activity, pupils earn one (1) Muuvit mile for their class´ account. The school´s average of 2h 55min of physical activity per pupil per day is an excellent benchmark.

Muuvit is a recognised leader in the field of Promoting Health and Fitness in the Classroom. Muuvit provides a fun, engaging, learning and activity platform for children, teachers and families. Empowering families and teachers to embed physical activity into the day whilst inspiring learning for a healthier lifestyle for the whole community.
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