Garmin and Muuvit join forces for health and learning!

Postcard garmin und muuvit

L to r:  Stephan Balte (Global Account Manager - Garmin);  Juha Villanen (Managing Director - Muuvit)

Employee Health Congress in Doha, 11th to 13th October

Exciting learning experiences combined with an active lifestyle. Those are the key objectives of the cooperation between Muuvit and Garmin. The benefits are obvious: Garmin is globally known as a leading producer of fitness devices, such as activity trackers or cycling computers. Muuvit, on the other hand, was born in Finnish schools 15 years ago to inspire kids to be physically active and enjoy learning.

At the Employee Health and Wellbeing Congress on 11 to 13 October in Doha, Qatar, Muuvit and Garmin are joining forces to support health and learning. Their goal is to help corporate and governmental bodies to create health programmes that will engage both schools and families.

“Together with Garmin we are committed to investing in the next generation. The earlier we get kids moving, the fewer health problems they will face in their adulthood. But at the same time, children are also an important vehicle for changing adults’ behaviour! No matter what inspires them to move – be it schools or the corporate health programmes of their parents – our kids will keep us moving!” says Juha Villanen, Managing Director of Muuvit.

“Our line of wearable wellness products will increase user activity through fun and motivation. With Muuvit, we are creating new ideas that combine teaching, training and motivating. We are excited about the potential of this concept for the health of kids and families everywhere,” says Jörn Watzke, Director, Global B2B sales of Garmin.

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