“Movement is just a matter of will” - Muuvit in Doha

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Qatar Finland International School starts Muuvit!

Although the school´s curriculum and almost all it’s teachers are Finnish, the pupils represent more than 40 nationalities!

Teacher Ville Vesala and pedagogical coordinator Minna Repo, are leading the school´s 19 classes and 320 pupils into the Muuvit Adventure in February.

"Compared to outdoor recreation opportunities in Finland, outdoor sports and physical activity can be challenging to organise in the heat of Qatar. But maybe we can be an example for arranging these types of activities, so that one can move whatever the conditions. Movement is just a matter of will," says Minna Repo.

Picture above: Ville Vesala and Minna Repo

In the whole Gulf region physical inactivity in children and child obesity are serious challenges. Qatar Finland International School is an exception, as the management and teachers consider physical activity to be an important component to improve overall child development and academic performance. This is visible in their facilities, curriculum and the way they work every day.

"This opening in Doha is an important experience for Muuvit. Like in Brazil, we started with one of these pioneering schools, and now work with 10,000 children a year. So it's great to look at what we can achieve together in Doha, " says Juha Villanen Muuvit Health and Learning's co-founder and CEO.

Al Jazeera report on Qatar Finland International school

Al Jazeera recently recognised the school’s sportive and active mode of operation. See report about the school here: