Swiss Energy and Muuvit partner on Educating for Sustainable Development (ESD)

  • Where do we get our power?
  • What is a non-renewable fuel?
  • How does a solar cell work?
  • How do I save energy?  

In Muuvit’s Swiss school adventure teachers and students will find the answers to these questions and more. They just have to produce watts of their own through physical movement!

These "energy" supplements are powered by SwissEnergy and found within the ‘Sustainable Energy’ content of the themed routes. School classes have ten different countries destinations with playful, interactive educational "energy" themed material.

For example, when the class reach travel destination "Reykjavik", they find out about geothermal heat, when they reach "Amsterdam" they become wind power detectives and when they reach “Rome”, they learn to cook potatoes with the help of solar power.

The fun and interactive content includes images, quizzes and experiments, within the world of energy - in line with the concept of “Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)”.


More information on the challenges of sustainable energy and the benefits of starting the ESD learning process from an early age visit our partner (in German)