Thomas Mattig, Director of Health Promotion Switzerland

"The positive effect of Muuvit is supported by several evaluations proving Muuvit promotes movement in school and educates children on a healthy diet."

Kornelia Hässig Vinzens, Specialist in Business Development, Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)

"Human energy consumption through physical movement is central to our lives. The use of renewable and non-renewable energy sources is central in our society. Swiss energy partner with Muuvit because our content can be perfectly integrated into the Muuvit platform and linked to human movement e.g. Move and learn - about efficient use of energy or the use of renewable energy. We all share responsibility for our health and for the future of the earth, which is strongly influenced by our energy consumption."

Stéphanie Hochstrasser, Nutritionist and Project Manager, Swiss Nutrition Society

"I´m enthusiastic about Muuvit because of the platforms refresching design and the playful way it motivates children to be physically active in their daily lives. I like the diversity and customisability of the learning material available within the Muuvit platform."

Anja Melo, Corporate Social Responsibility, VfL Wolfsburg, German Bundesliga football club

"We have been supporting the Muuvit programme since 2009 in the region of Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The Muuvit adventure is one of our flagship projects under the initiative "Together we move”. It perfectly links the themes "Health" and "Education". We are convinced that this is a sustainable and long-term program. Muuvit brings variety into school life. With Muuvit we have already encouraged 40,000 children to enjoy learning by moving. To reach such a high number of students, it needs an intensive partnership. With Muuvit, we have a creative open-minded partner and friend."

Katja Oechel, Marketing Manager, Duden Publishing

"With Muuvit you can go on a virtual trip and forget about the daily life. The most exciting thing about Muuvit is the promotion of physical activity. The cooperation is very professional, purposeful and enjoyable. It is also fun!"

Lydia Bodner, Health Insurance Specialist, Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse SBK

"Muuvit is a great tool. The collaboration with Muuvit is very productive. Ideas are put into action with competence and reliability."