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Microsoft Education and Muuvit start cooperation

Education innovation through physical activity and technology

The goal of Microsoft and... read more

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British Journal of Sports Medicine: Physical activity is good for school

From 4 to 7 April 2016, 24 researchers from 8 countries and from a variety of academic disciplines... read more

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Cross-cultural bonding through exercise

How the cultural integration class at Munich’s Ostpreußen School in Germany is using Muuvit to... read more

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Swiss Energy and Muuvit partner on Educating for Sustainable Development (ESD)

  • Where do we get our power?
  • What is a non-renewable fuel?
  • How does a solar cell ... read more

An active week in Doha - Nearly 3hrs of activity per pupil per day!

Ville Vesala, teacher and Coordinator of Muuvit at Qatar Finland International school is excited at... read more

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“Movement is just a matter of will” - Muuvit in Doha

Qatar Finland International School starts Muuvit!

Although the school´s curriculum and... read more

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Muuvit shortlisted for the GESS Education Awards 2016 in Dubai

Muuvit is proud to be selected as a finalist in the category "Best Product to Promote Health and... read more

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SBK Health Insurance and Muuvit partner to make exercise enjoyable for the whole family

With the Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse SBK 10,000 steps programme which is only available in Germany... read more

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Getting EDUCA 2016 Muuving!

Helsinki 29.1.2016

Muuvit was represented at EDUCA 2016 in Helsinki by the Finnish Sports... read more

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GET ACTIVE! Muuvit is part of the temporary exhibition in The Olympic Museum

Muuvit is part of the temporary exhibition in The Olympic Museum in Switzerland, July 6th - November... read more

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Interview with the ¡Activate Ya! project team: "We see great potential for Muuvit in South America!”

From left to right: Dr. Andrew Springer, Co-Principal Investigator; Sebastian Peluffo, PE... read more

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VfL Wolfsburg wins German Award for Excellence 2015 with Muuvit!

Recognition for nationwide social engagement

Explaining their choice of winner for the... read more

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Colegio Andino - How a school in Colombia gets kids moving!

A school day in Bogotá

Their mornings are spent in school, their afternoons at home... read more

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Garmin and Muuvit join forces for health and learning!

L to r:  Stephan Balte (Global Account Manager - Garmin);  Juha Villanen (Managing Director -... read more

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Silver Award for Muuvit in the Service Design category

The Muuvit-Online-Adventure won a Silver Award in the Service Design category at the Vuoden Huiput –... read more

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Muuvit at the Educar Fair 2015 in São Paolo, Brazil

„This event was a great step to further promote and implement the Muuvit programme in Latin... read more

Vamos Brasil!

February, 9th, 2015 - The school children of the Colégio Brasileiro Suiço in Curitiba, Brazil have... read more

We should use physical activity to integrate children into society!

Impact of physical activity on learning and integration?

Some 100 invited guests from the... read more

Muuvit Congress in Berlin, January 20, 2015

Impact of physical activity on learning and integration?

This is the topic of this year´s... read more

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Colombia, Luxembourg and Italy - The adventure goes on

4.3. 2015, Munich

It is fantastic to see how active teachers from all over the world find... read more

New board of directors starting through

Helsinki, 3.10.2014

The new board of directors started its work in Helsinki, Finland on... read more

Muuvit and ISCA continue collaboration (09/05/2014)

Muuvit and ISCA continue collaboration

Muuvit is proud to announce that Muuvit and ISCA... read more

Vienna calling - Bewegungskaiser to launch Muuvit in Austria

Helsinki / Munich 28.10.14

Muuvit and the Vienna based Motion21 - operator of the... read more

Muuvit Ya! to increase physical activity in Uruguay

Health promotion and digital tools combined

University of Texas School of Public Health... read more

Physical activity programme to deliver educational contents

Muuvit Health and Learning Oy Ltd and educational publisher Duden launch cooperation in Central... read more

Muuvit to activate Brazilian schools (8/27/2014)

Health, learning and digital tools combined!

“No more sitting at the desks while the... read more

Interview with Marko Kantomaa - Physical activity and learning?

Marko Kantomaa is an internationally acknowledged researcher at the Finnish Research Center for... read more

Muuvit at the International Working Group on Women and Sport Conference


Muuvit is attending the... read more

Swiss teachers’ association recommends Muuvit!

The LCH is the umbrella organization of teachers in Switzerland and closely works together with... read more

United Arab Emirates learn to know Muuvit


As part of the Future Learning Finland cluster, Muuvit... read more

Swiss schools under the spell of Muuvit

Zurich, 27.11.13

As of now, Muuvit is represented in all 26 cantons of Switzerland... read more

A leading US Foundation for Health Promotion – Muuvit as new associate member

Muuvit is a new associate member of a leading American charity, The Healthy Weight Commitment... read more

The Polish Muuvit “moves” kids into libraries


In line with their virtual Muuvit... read more